About Insiya 🌸

Insiya is a sweet girl with a mischievous streak.
She loves to wear pretty dresses and sing songs from Frozen.

She thinks that Cinderella is the most beautiful Disney princess of all. She’s a bit of a Cinderella herself, or, as she pronounces it: “Cindelella!”. 

But it’s Olaf who makes her laugh the most!

Insiya also likes to play with Barbies, and she loves making cupcakes (that is, eating them).

And while we’re on the subject of food: Insiya is a huge fan of strawberries and ice cream! Preferably with a little (lots of) chocolate on the side. Insiya points at every butterfly she sees, because she finds them so beautiful. And she thinks that tiny kittens are adorable. 

Insiya is always cheerful!